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We live in a very extrovert-oriented society, with a lack of spaces that acknowledge and nurture the introverted side of ourselves.


I create these spaces.


My handcrafted pods are small pockets of space that encourage a different way of interacting with others and being with ourselves. They inspire a deeper, more intimate level of conversation, create a safe space for vulnerability, and allow us to step away, if only for a few moments, from the chaos and clammer of the modern world.

PearPods are spaces dedicated to being not doing. Including them in your residential, commercial, garden or community space is a way of marking a place for reflection and self-care, and showing a commitment to protecting your mental health and that of those around you.


Hand-crafted by just myself, and woven from natural or recycled materials, they are aesthetically satisfying on the outside and feel nurturing and nourishing when inside.


All pods are made on commission, and designed specifically for the requirements of the space.


Hello, and welcome to my site!

Hello, I’m Ellen Mulcrone.


Creating Pearpod has been part of my journey from a faster to a slower pace of life.  


I now live in Frome, a small town that celebrates art, craft, and stillness as much as busy-ness.


You can read more about me here




I mark the changing of the seasons with a letter that includes news of my latest projects, and some personal thoughts.


We met Ellen through a friend and saw her beautiful work in a cafe in Frome. As soon as I had seen the beautiful pod that Ellen had created I thought that one would look fantastic in our children's forest school nursery. Ellen designed a bespoke pod to fit in the corner of our Nest (Baby Room.) Ellen visited the nursery to see the site and where the pod would live. Ellen worked hard to source the willow and create quite simply a stunning design that sits perfectly in the room. The babies and staff love the pod. It is used for snoozes, story time, cuddles and a place for the babies to explore as they become mobile. Staff put resources in there to encourage the children to move inside and it can be transformed into a cosy den with covers placed over the top. In a busy Baby room it is a safe haven for the children to enjoy, exquisitely designed in tactile willow and is proving to stand the test of time as babies continue to thrive and have their own adventures in this special pod.

— Jane Langley, Creator of Freerangers Forestschool Nursery 


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