© Copyright Ellen Mulcrone

Ellen Mulcrone, creator of Pearpod, graduate of 'Design and Craft' at Brighton University.  My pod-making stems from a desire to celebrate our introverted nature, that which is often excluded from accepted and respected behaviour within our society.


Weaving creates space, allowing my thoughts to wander and my hands and body to dance as I sculpt.  I am drawn to the use of willow due to it's flexibility, richness of colour, and abundant qualities. However I also work with a variety of other materials, with a particular interest in re-fabricating waste materials.


I began building these structures on my art foundation degree at Falmouth Art University. And if it wasn't for my technician who told me I was too small to build such a structure, I may never have persevered. So my gratitude goes to him.

Made to order, these hanging or free-standing pods are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Please contact me for prices, general enquiries, or to discuss larger projects.

My studio is at the Black Swan Arts centre in Frome, swing by and say hello!