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I have been dashing in and out of the crispy cold garden to photograph and make sketches, then returning to the warm and cosy cottage I am staying in to develop ideas.

This afternoon I needed a shake up. I discovered that the greenhouse within the garden, although cold, has a woodburner in it, so...


After working observationally, I began to focus on pulling out colours, patterns and form and abstracting the images i'd taken at Mells Garden.

Here are some of my results:






Leading on from my last post, I wanted to share some of the studies I made based upon the photographs of decay within the walled garden at Mells. Some are observational, some more abstract, each piece reflecting my personal interpretation of the essence of the subject. Here I will share some of t...


I originally had ideas of documenting the flourishing and vibrant elements of the garden. That was how I had pictured it in my mind. The reality was, however, that the garden was dying. Dying back, returning to mulch. , Low level plants were lapping up condensation and turning to slime, large lea...


I woke up today feeling totally overwhelmed and like the amount of ideas I had for creation didn't match that amount of time I had left on the residency. To realise even a fraction of the ideas felt an impossible task. I lay on the floor in the living room, I went upstairs. I lay on the floor of...


My first view that struck me was immediately upon leaving the cottage this morning. It was very early, the air still frosted and crisp, and I suddenly noticed the immensity of the roof of the tithe barn. Not officially within the garden, granted, but neighbouring. Rectuangular shaped, old hand ma...


I am staying as an artist in residence at the Walled Garden in Mells. There is a beautiful cottage tucked away to the side of the garden where I am resting for a few moons. Here I can settle in to myself and explore my creative practice with fewer distractions.

Immediately on arrival the reality o...


 I remember now.. All I wanted to do was create beautiful, comfortable, nurturing spaces for people.. a space where children can learn, where women can share, where men can drink tea, where people can rest, explore, read, create, remember, forget.  Pods.. It's taken me 8 days, however, to find my...


Sitting on the floor, cosy. 

Shoes off. 

Everyone else downstairs on uprights but I don't know why. 

We warm to the waitress, Katerina. We hug at the end and she writes her name. She is studying dance therapy. From Cyprus. She also had brown walking boots and colourful leggings on.. like us. 

We shar...


I am neat and organised, and never rush.

I embody a sense of calm and balanced perspective even in times of intensity.

I am surrounded by people who I admire, and who in turn respect my and my lifestyle.

I have a strong sense of community and family in my life.

I rise early, sleep early and rest well...

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