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Walpole park asked me to create this large nest-like sculpture that people can crawl inside to be positioned in their beautiful park. I incorporated sea-plastic and ran workshops to draw attention to the issue of waste materials, highlighting their beauty and versatility.  
I worked with children who were homeschooled from Muslim communities within London. Each workshop was 3 hours long and every child made their own nest from natural materials and scraps of sea plastic and other waste plastic. It was a process for the children to transition from seeing the plastic as 'gross' and 'rubbish' to seeing it as a useful, even beautiful material to add to their creation. 
Alongside discussions on waste materials, we also spoke about what home means to us and why we choose to nest. After the sessions the children painted messages of their choice on to fabric within the large installation I had created. I was amazed at how profound a lot of the messages were. Have a look in the gallery below to see what they wrote.