© Copyright Ellen Mulcrone


This was a community project with the wonderful Ark-T Community Centre in Oxford. I worked predominantly with young women, running a 3 day workshop to build this safe space together.


During the 3 days we discussed what it meant to feel safe and spoke about the safe spaces we do or do not have in our lives and why. Through the act of weaving and working creatively on a project together, it seems some intimacies and vulnerabilities are able to be shared with confidence.


The women were so happy to have created something so beautiful and now have their work in their community centre, as a place to escape to when everything is too much and to share also with some of the younger children who attend the centre. 


I was honoured to work with these individuals, they showed such focus and care over this project and it was a delight to provide them with the opportunity to recognise  their own abilities.