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Celebrating Decay


I originally had ideas of documenting the flourishing and vibrant elements of the garden. That was how I had pictured it in my mind. The reality was, however, that the garden was dying. Dying back, returning to mulch. , Low level plants were lapping up condensation and turning to slime, large leaves were crumbling to dust, with only their fragile skeleton remaining, flower heads bare, bark peeling from vine stems....


In actual fact I realised that I found this landscape not necessarily more aesthetically pleasing, but much more interesting to document and study. I spent this morning photographing decay, in all corners of the garden:


It suddenly all felt particularly relevant as I am personally in a place of deep, subtle transformation. A transformation of my expectations of others, a transformation of the way I choose to box events, a transformation within my private beliefs about what I know to be fundamentally essential for relationship to thrive. These transformations often feel like a sort of mulching down, crumbling away, stripping back.... much like the garden. With this lens, I found myself in  a state of celebration of the decay around me. I was able to recognise the importance of this phase, understanding that it is the beginning of the birth of vibrant, colourful life.




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