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Decay Studies #1


Leading on from my last post, I wanted to share some of the studies I made based upon the photographs of decay within the walled garden at Mells. Some are observational, some more abstract, each piece reflecting my personal interpretation of the essence of the subject. Here I will share some of the observational studies, the next post will focus on more of the abstract images.


This first one is of the berries found on the ground. The bright orange contrasted with the dark background really caught my attention. They look almost artificial in comparison. I am often amazed at the colours that naturally occur around us. 




This second image, again with the berries, almost looked like the leaves had been dipped in to dark ink. This, combined with the vibrancy of the shrivelling berries, was particularly captivating. 





Next I looked at the layers of leaves, both furry living and browning dying:






It was interesting to recognise how, once studied, given close attention, lingered on for longer than the usual lingering, these scenes of seemingly barren, dull, autumnal decay, began to emerge with bold colour, pattern and form. See next post for more studies.. 



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